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"It doesn't matter where you left off; what matters is where you pick up." - someone wise 

Ok first things, first. It's been a hot minute.. ok more like 7 months (yikes!). What can I say, sometimes you just need to fall off the grid for a while. All it really means is that I've got a heap of inspo, newness, and surprises to share. So watch out! I wouldn't expect consistency (freelance is unpredictable people, and girl's got to work), but you can bet your bones it will be awesome. 

Ok back to the good stuff. 

One of my favorite retailers right now is (Richmond, VA based) Need Supply Co. Do you know it? You should. Here's why: aside from the QUALITY brands and CURATED selection, the INSPIRATIONAL presentation is worth checking in on. They have a finely tuned blog serving up a platter full of fashion, design, and culture. Just have a look at the menu.. now that's a balanced meal.  

I'm currently OBSESSED with their exploration of Swiss-born designer, Erik Nitsche's prolific body of work as an icon in the modernist graphic design period, becoming known for technical illustrations for aerospace engineering company General Dynamics. Even science should be nice to look at folks, and boy do I want every single one of these as giant prints for my walls. If that makes me a nerd, then I'm cool with that... 

Now eat up! 


PULSE: Scatter My Ashes At Bergdorf's

This week, I had the pleasure of pre-screening a new documentary called Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf's. When you think 'luxury in America', there's no better representation than Bergdorf Goodman's. The film takes you through the iconic history of this tailored-to-perfection mom + pop shop turned fashion monument, then behind the scenes as the masterful visual team creates the most intricate holiday windows you've ever laid eyes on, and gives you a sense of the caliber to wich all designers dream for success (I'll give you a hint: if the sky is the limit, Bergdorf's is the atmosphere.) Not to mention, the list of designer and fashion heavy weight appearances is just as impressive as the store itself. It ignited an excitement about the fashion industry that reminded me why I am so in love with what I do. It's a must-watch for any fashion aficionado. Peep the trailer HERE!

Dreaming of luxury, 

P.S. Enjoy this sequence of Barbra Streisand frolicking around the store HERE.



If you were expecting fall to be all plaid and punk, think again! Vincent F/W13 preview has me giddy in all it's satin, muslin, sparkling organza and pvc, sugary spider webbed glory! As if I could get enough watery iridescence... I can't. Feast your eyes, and prepare for magic this fall. 

You should know, I tried to edit, but couldn't bear to leave anything out. It's worth the 5 minutes of scrolling, promise. 

File this collection // TRENDS: organic structure, sheer, iridescent, metallic, pastel, peplum, midi, fabric mix, contrast details, lace, and of course, lady-like. 

Hooked in the Vincent web, 


PULSE: Artist Spotlight on Esra Roise

When I first set eyes on Esra Roise's illustrations, I was m e s m e r i z e d (as I often am with anything that truly ignites my right brain functionality...) Needless to say, I'm absolutely enamored with the world that she creates with a pencil, paper, water + paint. With every face she brings to life, I can instantly get a sense of their personality, their likes/dislikes, their favorite flavor of ice cream, their ideal Saturday night... You get the picture- you feel like you know them! She's a real talent, and I wanted to share my favorites from her body of work, from her freestyle creative sketches to her commissioned work for the likes of Nylon Magazine + Stylesight trend forecasting company.

BONUS: If you're as #obsessed with water color fashion illustration as I am, this book should be added to your fashion library STAT. How perfect!



OBSESSED: Kristin Perry, George & Laurel + JewelMint

Since I purchased adopted these new styles into my necklace collection, I've been playing them on repeat. I love playing mix master with varying length, metal color, and style. This mix is a perfect blend.

chunky crystal chain necklace by Kristin Perry Accessories
baroque bloom necklace by JewelMint
the mortimer by George & Laurel

Proud Mama, 


RETAIL: AllSaints Spring/Summer 2013 Look Book

AllSaints NAILED it this season with their impecable layering + color pairing skills. I'm coveting absolutely everything in the collection. Here are a few styling take-aways that I'll be incorporating into my everyday look this spring: 

+ long BLAZER OVER a DENIM jacket with jet black skinnies
+ NUDE blazer over MEDIUM WASH chambray shirt over WHITE boyfriend jeans
+ black blazer, white shorts, tan booties 
+ grey with nude 
+ dark crop sweater over high waisted skinnies 
+ SLEEVELESS blazer 
+ FLORAL print MIDI dress with black booties 
+ sleeveless denim jacket over an ALL WHITE ensemble 

Check out all the shoppable styles here

Nude + Black + White Crazed, 


OBSESSED: House of Character

You might remember, one of my resolutions this year was to find my 'recognizable' style. Well, I'm quickly realizing my style changes constantly, and I can go from being perfectly put together to shabby chic from one day to the next. That being said, there are elements of my character that remain true and create the persona that is me.

That's where my latest o b s e s s i o n comes in. HOUSE OF CHARACTER is a new web zine dedicated solely to exploring all kinds of personas + pin pointing their style through personality and product. Each new character tells their story, and you get a picture of who they are through the garments you'd find in their closet + the items they'd have on their coffee table. I discovered I relate to more than just one character (hence my ever-changing style). There is beauty in picking the items from each that make up your own unique brand of YOU. Makes me think that style isn't always as black and white as a 'signature' look, but a palette chock-full of colors that mix together to create a work of art. 

Below are three characters: The Coachella Roadie, The Earth Angel, + The Happy Dreamer. I'm a little bit of all three.. 

Which character are you?



WORK: Kristin Perry SPRING 13

Designs, Kristin PerryModel, Meagan Lee. Hair + Make-up, Mallory Schweiger. Photography, Jerad Dane Bensik

Every season for the past three years I've assisted with production and creative direction for Kristin Perry Accessories. The designer of the label and good friend of mine, Ashleigh Perry of Style Moxie Blog, and myself play dress up and snap photos of her latest collection. Thought I'd share some of my favorites from her new collection and peep a few BTS photos. 

Always a fun time on set with my boo! 

P.S. All products are available soon on the website

This snake charmer necklace doubles as a head wrap in all it's grecian glory! 


OUTFITTED: Fancy Fendi Pants

Cameo time! 

I don't normally post outfit selfies on ze blog, however, I felt like it was a special occasion. The occasion being that I thrifted these cropped floral Fendi pants in my size for around $3. It felt so much like stealing that I was sure the security gards were going to stop me from leaving the premises. They didn't (obviously), and I walked away scot free with my fancy pants. 

This was in December, and they had been hidden in my closet since, just waiting for the perfect weather and the perfect outfit. When I found a pair of mirrored sunnies this weekend, the outfit kind of pulled itself together. Perfect way to ring in the first few days of spring!